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Thursday, July 22, 2010
For Immediate Release
Fire & Rescue


Common Chemicals Stored Outside Start House Fire


Incident number:  0171527         Date:  July 21, 2010            Time of call: 12:40 p.m.

Time of First Unit on Scene: 12:47 p.m. (E26)        Time of Knockdown:  12:48 p.m.

Type of call:  House Fire

Correct address: 8645 Mandevilla Circle (Durango Drive/Desert Inn Road)              CLV Ward:  2

Name:                                                                       Parcel: n/a
Zip:   89117                        District/Phantom: 2616-98                Number of alarms:  One

Building type: Single family-residential                Number of stories: One         Units:

Size:  1328 sq. ft.                                                    When built:  1988
Construction type: Wood frame/stucco     Smoke alarms: Unknown  Sprinklers: No        

Number of occupants:  Adults:  Two      Teens (18-13): Two       Children: None

Any injuries: None              How many : None          Type: 

Damage estimate: $35,000         Description of damage:  Outside wall of house, extensive damage to wiring and some light damage to the kitchen interior.

Cause of incident:  Common household chemical stored outside that was exposed to sunlight

American Red Cross: No             Pets:  No          Status of pets:
General information about the incident:  Occupants were home and smelled smoke.  They went outside and found the side of the house on fire.  Family of four evacuated without incident.  Fire personnel arrived on scene and put the fire out quickly.  Owner had a plastic shelves outside on the side of the house with common household chemicals stored, including gasoline, tiki torch fuel, and other chemicals.  A patio glass door which was also stored outside and was leaned over the shelves which created a canopy over the shelves.  Next to the shelves was the outside compressor for the air conditioner of the house.  Fire investigators believe that fumes from the chemicals exposed to the sun were trapped by the glass door and ignited when the air conditioner compressor started.  The incident was ruled accidental.  It is another example that common chemicals found in the home can catch fire when left exposed to the sun. 
Number of Units on Scene: 11
E2,26,28, T22, R44, HR44, B10, PIO1, 6i4, 6i6, 6i10
Number of Personnel on Scene: 28


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