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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
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Las Vegas Begins Important Tree Count
Tree Survey Is First Step Of City’s Urban Forestry Initiative


As one of the first steps in developing the city’s Urban Forest Management Plan, the city will begin a survey of trees on public property today. The goal of the plan, which is part of the Urban Forestry Initiative adopted May 7, 2008, by the Las Vegas City Council, is to double the average tree canopy coverage to 20 percent by 2035.

Arbor Pro was awarded the contract to count and assess the age and health of the city’s trees. Their contract is being paid with funds from grants received from the Nevada Division of Forestry, U.S. Forest Service and the Southern Nevada Water Authority earlier this year. Arbor Pro will begin in eastern Las Vegas near Nellis Boulevard and work their way west. 

The city’s urban forest is an important building block in the city’s Sustainability Initiative and helps reduce the urban heat index, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, absorb stormwater run-off and improve air quality.
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