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Monday, August 27, 2007
For Immediate Release
Planning & Development


Growth Merits Hillside Guidelines


The Las Vegas City Council recently adopted a planning ordinance for hillside areas to address growth that is moving into foothill areas on the city’s edge. Future annexations will expand the city of Las Vegas westward to the Spring Mountain Range, and this ordinance will help ensure that natural resources and the scenic areas are preserved.

Until now, Title 19 of the Las Vegas zoning code did not provide development standards for areas of steep slope and rugged topography. New codes were needed as a foundation for project reviews and to guide development where unique situations arise from the slope of the land. The new ordinance establishes development standards on slopes of 15 percent or more and allows the City Council to review site development plan applications for hillside development on a case-by-case basis. 

Minimal slope disturbance protects the unique environmental features and systems of hillsides and addresses potentially hazardous conditions, such as flooding, erosion, landslides and fires. The required standards in the new code are adequate to ensure an acceptable level of quality and to safeguard against creating environmental hazards.

In hillside areas with a slope greater than 15 percent, residential structures are required to have automatic sprinkler systems because access for fire trucks is more difficult on narrower, winding streets.

The Hillside Standards and Guidelines will be published in Title 19.06, “Special Purpose and Overlay Districts.”  To view a copy of the ordinance, visit and select meetings and agendas.


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