Unified Development Code

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Ordinances Adopted but not yet Codified into the UDC

  • UDC is up to date as of March 17, 2014..

Development of the Unified Development Code

  • To read a previous draft version of the UDC, view substantive and cosmetic comparisons on updates of each chapter, and follow the UDC adoption process, visit the previous Unified Development Code webpage here.



Above is the unofficial reproduction of the Unified Development Code as adopted by reference in Title 19 of the Las Vegas Municipal Code. It is made available by the Department of Planning for convenience and information. However, the Internet version is not an official version and may contain errors and omissions. Additionally, it is possible that errors may have been made in producing this document. Therefore, the department does not warrant its accuracy. Further, portions of the Unified Development Code as adopted by reference in Title 19 may be amended by the City Council from time to time, and this document may or may not be updated accordingly. Neither the city nor any of its departments, agents, contractors or employees shall be liable for any loss, cost, expense or liability of any kind arising from the use of this material.

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