Las Vegas Downtown Centennial Plan

Update • Expansion • Relaunch
The city of Las Vegas is always working to build community to make life better for the residents and businesses of Las Vegas.  The Department of Planning is contributing to this effort by recalibrating the Downtown Centennial Plan to reflect the emerging development patterns of Downtown Las Vegas. The new Downtown Centennial Plan will be contextually based in order to focus on neighborhood-centric development patterns which reflect and complement their surroundings, while facilitating business and development flexibility. 

Through this process the Department of Planning welcomes input and contribution from all those interested in helping to shape the future of Downtown Las Vegas.  Keep checking back here for meeting and plan updates and be sure to visit Your Voice Vegas to participate in our bi-weekly interactive surveys.

Current Las Vegas Down town Centennial Plan Document:



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• STATUS:  Public Outreach & Initial Data Gathering.  Visit Your Voice Vegas to join the process.

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