Restoring work hours to the city’s Animal Control Unit

The city’s Animal Control UnitThe city’s Animal Control Unit, within the Department of Detention and Enforcement, is small, but mighty. This 12-member staff responds to calls from residents in the city of Las Vegas relating to neighborhood concerns such as barking dogs, animal bites, animals on the loose and missing pets, to name a few. They reunite animals with their owners and help ensure the community is safe for all.

In January 2011, due to budget concerns, the hours of the Animal Control Unit were reduced from 40 hours to a 32 hour work week. As staff was stretched, response times increased and officers weren’t able to respond to as many calls, leaving some unanswered.

The impacts on the neighborhood were being felt by the community, and in July 2012, the city responded by restoring the work hours for Animal Control back to 40 hours a week. As a result, hundreds more calls have been answered in the last year, and more quickly. Response times improved by 12.72 minutes for all calls for service. The number of “priority calls” -- such as aggressive animals running loose, cruelty to animals, and animals in distress --  also increased, but at the same time response times improved by 7.35 minutes.

This is just one of the many ways your city works for you!

Have a neighborhood complaint relating to animals? Call Animal Control at 229-6444.

Animal Control also works closely with the Animal Foundation, a private humane organization that houses and cares for animals, and provides lost and found, pet adoption, micro chipping and vaccination clinics, and stray animal intake 24/7. For more information, or to adopt an animal, visit the Animal Foundation’s website.