Results From Community Workshop #2

Residents from West Las Vegas and alumni from the Historic Westside School attended the second community workshop on July 25, 2011. At the meeting, KME Architects presented the residents with two versions of the master plan for the Historic Westside School; a pedestrian and vehicular option. A majority of the residents who attended selected the option that allowed one-way vehicular access to the site, connecting D Street to C Street . The master plan includes a plaza for outdoor events, art festivals, etc; an art sculpture, retail space, offices, bookstore, exhibit hall, and new facilities for KCEP Radio. The master plan is very pedestrian friendly and incorporates a sustainable design with a wind turbine and solar power elements. The plan also features an open plaza for kiosks, shopping and historical markers, as well as outdoor seating. Other amenities include a sound system, street lights, tree-lined streets, banner displays, security fence and more. Based on the feedback received at the second workshop, the architects will refine the master plan and present an updated concept to the public in September.

View The Powerpoint From Workshop #2
View The Preferred Design Concept From Workshop #2