Centennial Celebration

A Message From Las Vegas Mayor Oscar B. Goodman

On Dec. 31, 2005, Las Vegas’ 100th birthday party officially concluded. The year was marked by thousands of celebrations, big and small, which touched the lives of residents, tourists and an audience around the world.

Hosted by the community, the year-long celebration peaked on May 15 – a day marked by the world’s largest birthday cake, fireworks, the Helldorado Days Parade, entertainment and theater. Everyone was welcomed to the party – longtime residents, new arrivals and tourists.

The mission of the Las Vegas Centennial was to educate, to celebrate and to commemorate –  and Las Vegans took this to heart and reawakened the spirit of the community. We achieved this mission by finding a variety of ways to recall the rise of a small town to a big city and by commemorating the individual nature of Las Vegas and its citizens. We created large and small celebrations to acknowledge Las Vegas’ 100th birthday and we left a lasting legacy across the city – in neighborhoods, parks, resort hotels and in the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

To commemorate the Centennial for future generations, the members of the Centennial committee dedicated a time capsule containing items reflecting the year-long celebration. 


The Las Vegas Centennial Celebration was an umbrella event covering a variety of large and small special events created just for this historic occasion. Overall, the Las Vegas Centennial Committee planned, funded, licensed or inspired upward of 1,000 events and programs for the city’s celebration. 

  • An estimated 400 original events were developed and funded by the Centennial Celebration Committee. 
  • An additional 241 sanctioned events or programs were staged by private citizens and businesses. 
  • Hundreds of other Centennial-related private events and programs took shape. 

Thanks to all who made the city's Centennial celebration like no other!