The Bonanza Road Underpass was constructed in 1936 on the former Clark Avenue near Main Street in the art deco style.  The underpass represents the symbolic “opening up” of the historic Westside, now called West Las Vegas, after 31 years of being physically separated from the east side of Las Vegas by the Union Pacific railroad tracks.  Since 1905 when the historic Westside was settled, then called McWilliams Townsite, relations between the east and west communities had been hindered by dangerous crossings over the railroad tracks, delaying water and sewer services, electric lighting and commercial trade.  The construction of the underpass was a civic attempt to ease the straining relationship between the east and west communities, and a means to facilitate infrastructure improvement on the Westside.

The Clark Avenue (Bonanza Road) Underpass is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Bonanza Underpass Nomination Report

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