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The city initiated an Express Plan review on September 15, 1995. The concept is quite simple: The owner/builder team (architects, engineers, contractor, etc.) sits down face-to-face with the city’s team of plans examiners (structural, architectural, plumbing/mechanical, electrical, planning, land development, and fire) and they work until plans are approved and permits are ready to be issued, or they can go no further because unresolved issues require revisions beyond what can be done during the express appointment.
The cost is a non-refundable $550 administrative fee and $660 per hour over and above the regular permit fees.

The Express Team has been extremely successful and very popular with the development community -- so popular that it has been difficult at times to obtain appointments. The keys to a successful express appointment are as follows:

Plan ahead and get started early. You must have approved civil and land use approvals (Planning Commission, City Council, etc.) before you can make an appointment.

Submit complete plans at least two weeks prior to your appointment. This allows for a pre-review to catch any obvious errors or omissions and gives you time to make corrections.

Have your complete team on hand and ready to make on-the-spot decisions, changes, etc., as required. (Remember to bring stamps, seals, etc.)

Almost everyone who has used the express system has come away satisfied, having saved time and money.

Counter and Expedited Review Programs are also available and offer same-day service to our customers for uncomplicated and simple projects.  Counter Review Program is available for same-day review of small projects by a plans examiner at no additional cost to the applicant. The Expedited Review Program allows a project to have expedited reviews for projects limited in scope to a maximum of three disciplines.  The cost for these expedited project reviews is $200 per hour. These fees are in addition to other permit or plan review fees.

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