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"Dog fancier" means any person owning, keeping, or possessing on his/her property, provided such person has safe adequate cages in a completely enclosed building on the property, at one location, up to six adult dogs for the purpose of showing in recognized dog shows, field trials or obedience trials, for working and hunting, or for improving the variety of breed in temperament or confirmation with a view in exhibition in shows or trials or for use as working dogs in hunting; said dogs shall be registered with at least one association recognized by the Animal Regulation Officer, and must be entered in at least one dog show per calendar year or, if spayed or neutered, need not be so registered or shown. (Ordinance 3618 § 26, 1991)

A dog fancier may keep and maintain on his/her property a maximum of six adult dogs, provided that such person has first obtained from the Animal Regulation Officer a dog fancier’s permit for said dogs and has paid the annual fee in the amount of $50.00, which cost shall include inspection. Any such permit, if granted, shall be subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by the Animal Regulation Officer or the County Health Officer, to prevent the keeping of the dogs from becoming a nuisance. Any person who meets the provisions of this Section and has in his or her possession, with respect to said dogs, a valid dog fancier’s permit, as described herein, need not have the property where the dogs are maintained rezoned in order to be allowed to keep and maintain such dogs thereon. (Ordinance 3618 § 70, 1991)

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