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A "pet fancier" may own, keep or possess on his or her property not more than six spayed or neutered dogs over one year of age or twelve spayed or neutered cats over eight months of age, or any combination thereof if the number of dogs does not exceed six and the combined number of animals does not exceed twelve, provided that the pet fancier has obtained from the Animal Regulation Officer a pet fancier’s permit. The pet fancier shall obtain a pet fancier’s permit from the Animal Regulation Officer each and every twelve-month period. The Animal Regulation Officer shall issue the pet fancier’s permit only after inspecting the applicant’s property and determining that the dogs or cats, or both, will be safely confined in a completely enclosed building, residence or enclosed lot and do not pose a nuisance to the public. As a part of the application process, the Animal Control Officer shall notify all property owners contiguous to the applicant’s property that the applicant has applied for a pet fancier’s permit. The cost of the inspection and permit shall be $50. A pet fancier who has obtained a pet fancier’s permit need not have his or her property rezoned for the purpose of owning, keeping or possessing such pets. (Ordinance 3642 § 4, 1992)

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