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Persons commencing a commercial grooming school, grooming parlor, kennel, pet shop, dog training facility, or any other establishment which sells animals, including breeders, must, in order to operate or carry on the above businesses or profit, obtain a professional animal handler permit. (Ordinance 3618 § 171, 1991) Professional Animal Handler Permit.

When a professional animal handler permit is applied for, a fee of $50.00 shall be paid to the Animal Regulation Officer for an inspection of the commercial breeder’s facility, grooming parlor, grooming school, kennel, pet shop, or dog training facility. The inspection shall be conducted by an Animal Control Officer to determine compliance with this Title, and, if compliance is met, the permit shall issue. If inspection reveals that this Title or other applicable laws or regulations have not been complied with, the professional animal handler permit shall be withheld and the person so applying shall have ninety days within which to request a re-inspection without charge. The Animal Control Center itself shall be exempt from the operation of this Section. (Ordinance 3618 § 172, 1991)

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